CAPE 09: Cape Town’s second biennale exhibition of contemporary African Culture

2 May - 21 June 2009, Cape Town, South Africa

With art projects ranging from explorations into Brenda Fassie’s roots to interventions on transport routes in the city, a focus on our shared African roots, reading roots and even some root vegetables - CAPE 09 will transform Cape Town into an exciting African art hub from 2 May - 21 June 2009.

Now in it’s second year, the biennale exhibition of contemporary African Culture aims to culturally connect Cape Town, South Africa, Africa and the diaspora by creating a ground-breaking contemporary African art event - rooted in the local but global in impact.

Titled Convergence, this year’s exhibition is about life today: the people, the connections and networks they make up. According to CAPE AFRICA PLATFORM (CAPE) Managing Director, Mirjam Asmal-Dik, “CAPE 09: Convergence seeks to explore networks that accentuate the contemporary characteristics of Africa and highlight the way we create, consume, learn, share resources and interact with each other.”

In keeping with this, CAPE 09 challenges traditional biennale models, rejecting a single curatorial vision in favour of a series of diverse but interlinked projects by a range of different curators – from the new emerging talent of the CAPE Young Curator’s Programme to acclaimed international and local artists and curators.

They will present exhibitions, public interactions and interventions that reimagine the city of Cape Town as an activated, participatory project space, focusing how we move and engage with each other. Exhibition sites traverse the socio-economic and geographic divides of Cape Town, and include the Metrorail Station, the city centre, Langa and Khayelitsha, as well as moving exhibitions on taxis.

In addition, CAPE 09 brings together a programme of launches, discussion sessions, film screenings, readings and performances, running throughout the 51 days of the biennale.

GENERAL INFO: For more details about the exhibition, venues, artists and events watch (relaunched on 15 January 2009) and the local press.

MEDIA: Media updates and information are available from the website or from the CAPE Africa Platform offices.

Media enquiries:
CAPE Africa Platform
8 Spin Street
Cape Town 8001
tel: 021-4612325
fax: 021-4616873

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