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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

why collage is so relevant.

There seems to me to be a boom in collage work in the world, minds pulling from found sources to say something about their world, and then you here that guy say, "that's because everything has already been done." I don't like that guy. Just as the alchemist, before the days of chemistry and the periodic table, would consider all substances equal in his mind, (blood, sulfur, gold, piss, etc.) all these earthly things were there to manipulate to create magic/art. So you take this and you add years and years of capitalism ( commercials, product placement, packaging design, illustrated advertisements ) and our nature is no longer the same walk in the park. This is what Warhol showed us. That our reality is no longer landscape paintings and family portraits. The old beer label we saw growing up is equal in our minds as the yellow sun in a painting. Is the logo a leaf or is the leaf a logo? We were born in the eighties, we have no fucking clue... And so all these things can be looked upon with equal wonder about the human condition, and in the artist's studio they are mixed together as equal parts to see what happens.

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