IN SOUTH AFRIKA -Brenda Ngxoli

THANDABANTU was born .He is a car guard. His life is of the streets. Not homeless as one would think. In fact his past is not one of poverty, for his home in the villages is crowded with cows, sheep and goats. Off to the city this Eastern Cape Xhosa individual ventured. Like so many migrant laborers, Thandabantu now lives in an informal settlement on the outskirts of beautiful Cape Town city centre. With no lights, running water, dismal municipality system Thandabantu is bitter. Aids is his passion as it runs through his veins .. Spreading it is his past time and obviously crime will never escape his good intentions; for the redistribution of wealth is his hobby.

NICE TIME is just that out for a nice time! Poverty forced her onto the streets. Aids will probably be her destiny Hot or cold, she is out there in her short skirt and on duty. From truck drivers to politicians, she knows them all.

Across the valleys of life is Avryl . Jewish lady or is she really. Her life is good and perfect she thinks . When Brenda Ngxoli approached her to be a journalist, she could not pass the opportunity. She is Hellen Zille in the making . A democrat at heart and will fix all the wrong things about this Falling Apart country of hers and when all fails she will go off to Australia

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