INNER FACE, a photo project by GAZI NAFIS AHMED


Nafis was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1982.After his high school in 2003 he joined a course of Art & Design in London Guilhall University and pursued his interest in Photography. He left for home and graduated from Pathshala, a photography school in Dhaka.Nafis completed the International Photo Semester from Danish School of Journalism in 2008. He works on his personal projects.Currently he is working on his project “Inner Face” which deals with the Human Rights Issue of Male homosexuality in Bangladesh.

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the blind camera said...

Nice post...
check out this trailer for a documentary on the Hijra situation in Bangladesh, made by a couple friends of mine:


Abdul Dube said...

there is a comment to another project ---give it a look see

Abdul Dube said...

Parker thanks for the link,where in the world are u -- i have a new zine ready to post u , wich addy do i use

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