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We are now accepting book submissions again. The selected books will be featured in our online gallery and 
showcased in our future events.
If you are interested send an email to selfpublished.behappy@gmail.comhttp://stroke-magazine.com/spbh/
Books will not be returned.

even my mum can make a book

fanzines, zines, independent publications and artist books are acting as a response to the mainstream media with an activist manner. as they are a way of understanding our relation with society and even with ourselves, maybe slower but more attractive for sure.
however in times of limitless possibility to spread information virtually through the network; communication with printed material is decreasing. the proportion of people who make zines and people who write blogs or collect images of everything is a good example for this. but actually arranging collages, drawings, texts, photos etc. on paper, as a medium itself, has so many possibilities that adds more value to our thoughts.

the aim of the project is to bring together independent publications and to encourage people to distribute their ideas, thoughts via printed or handmade materials. it is about to share obsessions, passions and things in your mind on paper that can be shuffled and touched. it is an open call for everyone to enhance these form of expression!
all these publications are going to be collected in form of an archive that is continuously extended and meant to be traveling through different venues in turkey and abroad.

first exhibition will take place in 15th september 2010 in manzara perspectives in istanbul.

so everybody, we are waiting for you to make your own editions, or send the ones you already did. you are completely free about topics and format, you can even ask to your mother to collaborate with you.

we want people to go home and lie on the floor and make zine!
send your editions until 31 of august to 
Manzara Perspectives
tatar beyi sokak 27 kuledibi 
beyoğlu Istanbul/Turkey

please include, a short biography, full contact details, date of birth and nationality.



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