Nybyggerne i Ridehuset - NEW SETTLERS in the Ridehuset(riders house)

in short i applied to be part of experiment loosely based on Lars von Tier´s Dogville  "set" where actors were working in this imaginary space. Now in the city i live there is in development a huge new complex for cultural and art production wich is known as godsbanen ( Goods yard) part of the old train yard and the goods delivery zone for trains, old school building been dead for a while, some time last year Some friends and i had our small time studios set up,

Anyway this time around its a little more official as the cit has its eyes and ears to the ground and wanting to investigate how a diverse group of creatives work together to create a Arts festival  ---

I will post on the developments ---for now this website has some info, U can always use translate google to translate the entire website into your preffered language.

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