ZINE LIB as in zine library

ZINE LIB aka Zine Library was formed in June 2009 and aims to showcase and share creative work in the self-published form. The archive sources work through contacting practitioners and word of mouth. There is no curatorship and we don’t wish to be an arbiter of taste. Zine library is completely inclusive and your contribution is important.

Viewing the archive is impossible as we are still insearch of finding a homebase. Zine Library is non Profit and unable to purchase any work. The Archive works on a donation only basis and is run by self-publishing artist Abdul Dube
(I give my time in kind)and collaborators SIDEPROJECTS.

If you wish to exhibit or show the library at your gallery, venue or event please get in touch. To submit your work to Zine LIB please post work to:ZINE LIB c/o Abdul Dube Paludan Müllers vej 211 Aarhus N 8200 Denmark.
, pls email jpges to fowtoe@gmail.com

IN A NUTSHELL TRANSLATION OF THE poser above is, an old train yard is being renovated for cultural production use in the second largest city in Denmark.
A city organization is the brain child of the settlers experiment, in the set style of Lars von Triers dogville, 25 artists and creative collectives will occupy a space called Ridehuset(ridershouse-longstory). I made a proposal for Zine LIB to be a part of the session.super cool ----- so i will set up zine lib for public use and share the magic of zine construction.

I HAVE CREATED A CALL for zinesters to share their zines with ZINE LIB,below is the
poster and more informations.

aims to connect the art of Zine-making with the impetus for the medium—the Do-it-Yourself movement, issues surrounding copyright and distribution of printed matter.

A ZineFactory (((Cut, Copy, Collate: zine construction – A fanzine making workshop))) will be hosted. It is directed at anyone interested in Self/
independant publication.

here on this blog archive u can find some more info on the library and the collection of zines.

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