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a short piece by the Organizers below.

Love and Respect goes out to all Zinsters
Keep shining!  Zinsters, you are young and ambitious.  You borrow money.  You do strange things. ¶ Your guest room is occupied by a risograph  You act when others are asleep and trawl your thoughts.  You highlight the world’s complexity and yet ask for resonance.  You want to join art with real life and question the tyranny of tradition.  But yet you love the common things, poetry, fashion, the line.  You are observers of the human kind, the gestures, dramas, you love the fog, let all things visible disappear, but you succeed in telling and trusting us with the most absurd.  This is why you inspire us.

We’d like to thank you from the bottom of our heart and ask you for more of that revolt. High Light or keep doing what you want to do
Keep your eyes open and you will Zine the darkness

P.S.: Artzines fight an indefatigable battle against the aesthetic gleichschaltung, they created an epic scene around the arts and struggle for the attention of the awoken. ¶ Aesthetic and culturally traditional work-processes are being (re-)thought by self-publishers and Zinsters or critically embraced or commented by the more established. ¶ They provide evidence of the world’s scrap and the seemingly infinite availability and waste of pictures, they speak of the democratization of knowledge, of revolution and the empowerment of the individuals and their wonderful insolence to take what is theirs. They sparkle and shine aurally, they are the light above the abyss we have to face from time to time. —  
Franziska & Moritz


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