Video Jockey - or Video Performance Artist.


What is a VJ?

VJ is short for Video Jockey, or Video Performance Artist. VJ is a new artform involving many evolving definitions and technologies. VJ’s are definied in a number of ways but most often they create moving visual patterns and artworks on video displays or cinematic screens. They often appear at events such as music festivals and nightclubs. The result is often a dynamic and interacting multimedia performance that can include music, actors, dancing or pre-recorded video.

A VJ will manipulate a video in much the same way that a DJ mixes music. The equipment and techniques vary widely from freeware programs to expensive equipment. VJs are becoming an essential part of modern nightlife experience. VJs provide projected visuals to keep club-goers and audiences entertained for hours. It often involves a performative multimedia space for visual artists to resample and change mainstream audio-visual culture, giving rise to social comentary and arguably a truly unique artform.

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