14. MAJ I MEJLGADE from Matias BAF! on Vimeo.

The video is created by Matias Baf, and together we started a draw more session at
the I do ART studios back in 2000 and 9 --- NOW 2010 we made two session happen at the annual festival. ONE was a UNderground drawing session, where people are invited to draw anything on A5 pieces of paper, our vision is to have a the night of a 1000 drawings where we sell the drawings at a fixed price and all proceeds goes to a worthy project or charity  in the city Of Århus- Denmark. that was one

two was a MURAL, with the help of the boys at SIDEprojects  we covered a wall in white. 35 mejlgade to be exact ---we put up the name DRAW MORE CLUB, left some cans with black paint kindly sponsored by a local paint producer called Schjerning Farve( they been around since the 1800´s) plus some paint brushed, and rules( but u know the thing about rules) the result was and is just awesome. MANY HANDS MADE IT HAPPEN

here some images of the day

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